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“This is the best pain clinic in Hawaii. I went to four different pain clinics and they just want to do surgery's to make money on your pain but not here you are family.  They know that most people with pain that it can't go away totally, but they want you to live a life with as little as possible.  Dr Jerald Garcia, Dr Young and NP-C Jennifer Wilson are the most outstanding pain specialists, they always have time to listen to what you have to say.  Your a person not a number.  If you see any negative write-ups it is people looking for pill doctors.  They want to sell them or other things.  If you have real pain problems this is the place to go to, look no further.  If you are looking for a pill doctor sorry you have a serious problem!!!”


“Dr. Garcia is excellent at what he does and he has a very endearing demeanor. Strict but compassionate. He has superb technical skills and can literally take your pain away. I went from being in a wheelchair to walking out of his clinic with almost no pain immediately after a procedure. I am very grateful to have him as my chronic pain ally. However, I'm not surprised at the "one star" reviews. I'm a nurse that used to work at a pain clinic. Good pain doctors often fall victim to one star ratings from disgruntled drug seekers who do not get what they want. If you're looking for someone to give you a lifetime supply of opioid prescriptions, then Dr. Garcia is not the right doctor for you. If you actually want to get better and closer to pain free, then Dr. Garcia is it!”


“I've been going here for over a year and Dr Garcia and his staff have helped to relieve my back pain.
The staff is always friendly, caring and professional. I like the fact that they are cautious when prescribing medication, they have you sign a contract in the beginning to make sure that you are not taking more medication than your body can handle. They stick to the states guidelines on how much medication a person should be taking.

They try several different things to help to relieve your pain, they even referred me to a physical therapist who specializes in water therapy.
I've been getting injections in my lower back for a while and I find them helpful. I've also had the nerves in my lower back burned and that provided a lot of pain relief and it's lasts for at least 6 months. I really respect the fact that they don't just give you meds and send you on your way. You can tell that they are there to truly help their patients.”


“Dr. Garcia, Dr. Young, and their incredible staff are absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I've been to 3 other places before for lower back issues, and HI Institute has outshined all others by FAR!
Facet injections, ablation procedures, and all other dealings have been fantastic!!! Savannah (sorry, girl...maybe wrong spell), Grace, Nick, Jennifer, and Shannon...and everybody else have always been top professional grade. I thank all of you very, very much.

I trust all of you incredibly, and appreciate all of your total care. I'm super appreciative of your thoughtfulness, and I'm genuinely lucky to have you taking care of me.
Mahalo Nui!”


“I have been coming to this office for my back pain. I have been greatful since day one for a few reasons. They have given me options and go over the pro's and con's. They have a mentality that there is an option to fix my back. I had Kaiser previously and they pretty much just gave up on me. I can honestly say that - Dr Garcia and Dr Jen are the best. I am healing and getting better, thanks to them.”


“I have been a patient of Dr Garcia's since March of 2014.  His expertise and professionalism are understated.  After years of living in chronic pain, trying different medications, from anti-depressants to anti-seizure medications, all which never worked and I remained in pain. I finally saw Dr. Garcia.  Turns out I had been misdiagnosed for years!   Dr Garcia correctly diagnosed my condition:  Facet Joint syndrome. I haven't been able to work for years because sitting and standing had been so painful. Now, thanks to Dr Garcia, I have received substantial pain relief and look forward to working again in the future. The procedures I have had are non-invasive and require little recovery. I have given me a big part of my life back.  I have received nothing but excellent care, kindness, compassion, and professionalism from Dr Garcia, Fernando, Shelyn, and his entire staff, to include his lovely wife who works as hard as any other member of his staff.”


“Love Hi Pain clinic in Maui with Dr. HENSON and STAFF is AMAZING. They really take the time to listen and treat each problem from head to toe. They are smiles and TLC caring individual that work there. They make me feel comfortable and always talk you through each procedures and have a positive attitudes. Ivy does a wonderful job communicating what needs to be done with the doctor. I wish I can remember every staff name....but truly a team effort A++++. Thank you so much for getting me better especially going through these tough procedures not easy for either one of us. Highly recommend Dr. Henson for trauma in head, neck and back. They really make you feel like no worries we got you cover, thanks Gordon, Ivy and Dr. Henson. Especially thanks to xray tech who I can not remember his name for always having great music during the procedures.”


“Nothing bad I can think of with Dr. Garcia’s office or the APRN’s. The office is very professional, with a lot of emphasis on injury patients and special conditions. I had come to the Dr. because I had a bad doctor situation before. A lot of wrong medications which didn’t solve my issues. Within 3 weeks, after a change of meds and some suggestions to modify my routine, I was able to finally be back to my old self once again. All around very professional! A+”

-Happy Golfer

“Dr Garcia has been treating my husband and me and we are very satisfied. He explains procedures well and is easy to converse with. His staff is very nice too.”


This clinic is a legitimate pain clinic and topnotch! Not a pill-mill. They offer real solutions for your chronic pain through procedures that do not involve narcotics or surgery. If you're looking to get high on your percs or pain meds, don't come here coz you will only get disappointed as you can see from the negative reviews this clinic gets from the disappointed drug addicts. If your looking to minimize your pain without having to go through surgery, then this is the right place. Dr. Garcia and his nurses are amazing and the best at what they do.


“Absolutely the best place to be when you need pain management. Dr. Young is the best!! I love him!! His assistants are very very compassionate too!! Be back if need any more care!! Recommend this place definitely.”


“After 20 years of back pain and trying every treatment available, I finally listened to the advice from Dr Garcia and found a successful method of controlling the pain. Yes, there is oftentimes a lengthy wait, but this happens because Dr Garcia listens to what you have to say and doesn't rush through the visit. You usually see the Nurse Practitioner, not the doctor, but the Nurses are knowledgeable and reasonable in that they will get the doctor to come into the exam room when you are worried about the procedure and have questions about what is to be done.
The front office staff have recently improved so now there is less wait time and more willingness from them to answer questions.  I have seen the staff go above and beyond routine care to ensure the patients are comfortable. They offer a place to lie down or sit more comfortably if the patient appears to be in severe pain.

My philosophy is to choose the best doctor in town to address a specific medical condition. I have researched other doctors in town who provide the same service and determined that the education, training, and experience Dr Garcia has is outstanding. His personality and willingness to listen make him the best doctor in Hawaii for pain management for me.

If you have chronic pain and if you are looking for a long-term solution not just more drugs, then Dr Garcia is the best chance you have. Not every procedure we tried was successful, but Dr Garcia offered several options in a logical step by step manner to see what worked for me and when we finally found the best method to control my pain, I was ecstatic. So come with an open mind and a willingness to try different procedures to find the one best for you.”


Disclaimer: We have been in practice for over 10 years and have essentially seen it all. Because we accept and treat all types of chronic pain patients, you will find several online reviews on us. Some good. Some bad. These should be taken with a grain of salt. As a pain clinic, you can be rest assured that we will always strive to do what’s best and what’s right for our patients. Sometimes, this may not be what one wants or demands. A common example is the prescribing of opioid medications. We are reluctant to prescribe these highly addictive and dangerous medications unsparingly, much to the dismay of opioid-seeking individuals who may leave our clinic empty-handed and disappointed. This is one of the most common reasons for a pain clinic to receive a negative online review. As doctors, we have taken an oath to “First, Do No Harm.” Opioids, in the hands of the wrong individuals, can do a lot of harm. We choose to abide by that oath.


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